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  • Question: How do you feel about the drama of people not liking Grace and Tyler anymore?? - Anonymous
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    There’s been a lot of talk when it comes to particular YouTubers and their work. I have seen the talk across the board of creators but since you have brought up these two in particular I will stick to just discussing them. 

    I need it to be known that I have been watching Grace and Tyler for 7 years, literally the beginning of their careers I was there for.  I say my opinions with the up most respect for these creators and understanding of their careers. I say my opinions with the understanding that it won’t be everybody’s opinion. I understand that I may upset a few people and possibly may even lose some followers- that is fine. My thoughts and feelings have been asked to be expressed so, that is what I am doing.

    I also would like to point out that I am not referring to the successes either outside of YouTube or thanks to YouTube. I am just focusing on my opinion of them as actual YouTubers. I would never discredit what they have accomplished because every day I am amazing by their work. 

    I suppose I will start with Tyler. Tyler has been someone I have watched grow. I have seen him go from this little boy almost and seen him transform into the incredibly successful young man he is today. I think what he has accomplished for himself is amazing and he has made tremendous efforts (and succeeded) when it comes to making a difference in a community. His community. I have enjoyed watching is journey but when it comes to YouTube- set aside everything else that doesn’t boil down to the essence of making YouTube content, I’m not sure how you can classify Q&a videos as a career on YouTube? Yes, he collabs, yes one month a year is dedicated to collabs on his channel. But, as a youtuber, uploading Q&a videos once a week for a year? That to me isn’t the Tyler Oakley I know. I think he is an amazing person. I think the work he does in absolutely phenomenal and I can only hope to be a fraction of the person he is but, the doesn’t mean I don’t think YouTube has become his obligation. This is not me saying that Tyler was never  a YouTuber or that he isn’t it is just me saying that it’s not the same. I understand after 7 years things will change, I get that- But, none of it feels like home like it used to. I don’t know how else to put it other than that. And I am not going to apologize for having a different opinion. I will apologize if this is offensive to anybody. I am no less of a fan then I was or then you- this is just how I feel. 

    Now, onto Grace. I feel like I have grown up with her in my life. She has always felt like an older sister to me and I know so many others can relate. I found her before the creation of DailyGrace. Hell, before GracenMichelle so when I say I have been there, I have been there. I have never been so proud of someone I don’t actually know outside of her. I have watched her become the internet sensation that she is. She is an actress, comedian, writer, and so much more. So, trust me- I acknowledge all of that. And I am, once again, not discrediting any bit of that. I am just focusing on the aspect of an actual YouTuber career. I have always admired her work with doing 5 videos a week on top of managing to work for the shit show that is My Damn Channel and other projects. When she transformed to it’sGrace I kept waiting for the changes to happen because her videos were painful to watch. I would like to explain that I don’t mean they were bad ideas, it’s just she seemed so tired that the videos had no life to them? That she felt obligated to upload so she did. When she dropped to 3 videos I was so happy. The first few weeks were great but we have found ourselves in present day and I am disappointed. She truly only has one solid actual formatted video a week that she does for us. Monday is prerecorded and probably not edited by her and friday is a vlog. Yes, I enjoy the vlogs but, again, how is that being a YouTuber? Wednesdays are eh only solid days where she can make actual YouTube videos that allow her to keep her status as a YouTubers. And I would be lying if I said these videos were not the best. I am sure my growing age has a lot to do with the lack of understanding in this comedy but most of her videos just don’t appeal to me anymore? I still enjoy them and they are far from an obligation to me it’s just that- I am missing the community and the ability to relate when it comes to her videos.

    I know this won’t make sense to a lot of the younger, and maybe even older, crowd. I know I will probably offend some people who love these two but let me say, I too, love them. I have so much respect for them but just because I love them it doesn’t mean I can’t disagree with certain things. I will always watch them and support them. I will always stick up for them when it comes to defending their careers but, the part of their lives of being actual YouTubers seems to be dwindling and I am okay with that. Things can’t last forever. I just with there was a bit of acknowledgment on their end where they admit that times are changing.

    They will always be YouTubers but not always have YouTube careers

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This made me VERY excited for the new eps! ARE YOU GUYZ?!

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